I believe i can fly- A Mafia


This some new heat from A Mafia he been killing the streets since he came home this song was  premiered the other night by dj kay slay its of his new mixtape thats on the way if yall havent heard “In My own World” get on it ASAP for all info check out www.amafiadigital.com

Children of the Corn

In My Own World Mixtape listen and D/L —-> http://www.datpiff.com/DJ_Woogie_DJ_Diggz_A-Mafia_In_My_Own_World.m155805.html

Victim- SouthsideDee,Pher,Greez


This  joint is produced by Tr3ple 3’Z  Southside Dee repping the SNI camp off his mixtape Dee Stay Wasted which is out now you can check it out on youtube his name is southsidedee on their..

This another joint from Young Pher & SouthsideDee

New Mixtape: The Return of Potent Product- DJ Woogie, DJ Rated R

This is a new banger with alot of ((EXCLUSIVES)) from DJ Woogie an Canadas best DJ Rated R return with another installment to the potent product series here is the mixtape and TRACKLIST D/L and spread the word

LINK 2 MIXTAPE——–> http://hotfile.com/dl/78544157/087068a/DJ_RATED_R__DJ_WOOGIE_-_RETURN_OF_THE_POTENTPRODUCT.zip.html

The Gifted One Araab Muzik


Here is some footage of  Dip Set’s very own producer Araab Muzik Check him out  killing it on the MPC beatmaker at a recent concert. He has recently been on tour all over the country performing.

10/23/10 Recent show

This is amazing

He Kills it here

An incase you missed it here is the link 2 Araab Muzik: How 2 be a MC


Mtvs Top 10 Hottest in the game 2010

Here is the list that was put together on MTV’S “The Hottest M.C’s in the game

10. Ludacris
9. B.O.B
8. Waka Flocka Flame
7. Lil Wayne
6. Nikki Minaj
5. Rick Ross
4. Drake
3. Kanye West
2. Jay-z
1. Eminem

Key people who didnt make the list include: Fabolous, Wiz Khalifa, Jadakiss, Lloyd Banks, 50Cent, Gucci Mane etc

There has been a lot talk about this list from artists giving there opinions to fans venting their frustration. Here is the artists i disagree with being on this list

       –Waka Flocka Flame makes this list after saying who cares about lyrics? This is a problem an his music in my eyes reminds me of the new Lil Jon alot of yelling saying nothing his flow is Crunk Muzik an he isn’t better than any of the rappers i named that didn’t make the list.

     –Ludacris lyrically he is an animal we all know this but who really owns his albums???? he makes good songs but T.I is the King of the south an puts out better albums so he should have made it over him

    –B.O.B is a very talented individual don’t get me wrong but he shouldnt be on this list


Comdien Lil Duval made a more interesting list on twitter with the worst rappers of the decade LOL here it is and the reason’s why he chose them.

10. Lil Flip because he said ill treat you like milk and do nothing but spoil you

9. Nick Cannon just because….

8. Birdman as much as he puts out i bet he can’t recite his verses

7. Ron Artest because you shouldn’t be that garbage when you from queensbridge

6. Jojo Simmons not that he can’t rap he just looks like he shouldn’t


4. Waka Flocka Flame I still never heard him rhyme yet

3. Lil B what man calls himself the pretty lil bitch

2. Oj Da Juiceman no one wants to hear a whole album of AYE AYE

1. Soulja Boy because he made the forbes list for not making sense he gotta be a genius

R.I.P Gregory Issacs

R.I.P Gregory Issacs

7/15/1951 –– 10/25/2010

I wanted to take a moment out to remember Reggae pioneer Gregory Issacs who passed away today 10/25/10 from a battle with lung cancer. This was reported by BBC in london were he lived. Gregory got his shine with the 1982 hit “Night Nurse”  and made many other hits will be remembered as a legend. He released his final studio project came in 2008 .

Night Nurse

The Brass Knuckle Hustle- Adlib, Steele, UG, Godilla, Ali Armz


This a new track from rapper Adlib debut album on ill roc records “The Brass Knuckle Hustle”  Adlib has been grinding an touring for a few years now. the video is directed by Joshua Ramirez over at www.rapforever.com doing his thing. A lot of bars on this song  an the beat fire!

Salute Me- Stack Bundles, Dj Superstar Jay, Snatchtape (The Lost Tape)


Sqqqq Squaad up this some unreleased tracks out the vault stack Bundles Lost tapes mixtape is a banger. if yall missed it they dropped “Hip Hops Savior Ep” back in march on Itunes it was classic. Stack was way ahead of his time he was definetly one of my favorite rappers. I have Link to D/L the mixtape from datpiff.com & some Freestyles enjoy HAPPY BDAY Stack Bundles

Peep Game- The Riot Squad

Classic Freestyle

“Mr Controversey West”


This is Kanye West album cover for “My beutiful dark twisted fantasy” that has been banned in the united states its suppose to drop 11/22 by then it will probably have a new cover. He will also drop “Runaway” a short film that will be on Mtv,Mtv2 & BET debuts 10/23 at 8PM check it out. Yall think this should be banned?

Runaway Movie Trailor

What Happen To …..

Remember him?

             Shells was an up & coming artist repping the BX , New York who entered the rap scene in early 2000. He was mainly known for his word play in his punchlines.  At that time he appeared on a lot of mixtapes and worked with many artists such as Cassidy and R&B artist Mario on the “Just a Friend remix”   he had a big buzz at that time an eventually inked a deal with J Records were he was suppose to drop his debut album “Welcome to Times Square” which still has never been released. His career started to go downhill after a few rap battles. It started with the Blaze Battle which aired on HBO a few years back that he loss to Eyedea (R.I.P) he also battled Jin, Jae Millz & Graph which didnt go so well for him in my opinion. He eventually got dropped from J Records and Clive Davis never pushed the button for him to launch. Makes you wonder if maybe the effort just wasn’t  there or maybe he wasn’t versatile enough to make good songs. I dont know what it is at this point in time i would say its safe to say he is finished. His best song i will say is called  “Why I Love Music” im not a hater i wish him the best but what happen?????????????????????????????????

“Why I Love Music”

Yall be the Judge of the Battles

Blaze Battle: Shells Vs Eyedea (RIP)

Fight Klub: Shells Vs. Jin

OLD BATTLE:  Shells Vs. Graph

Fight Klub:  Shells Vs. Jae Millz (Millz Went in on him

Remember The Titans- Joe Budden, Fabolous, Lloyd Banks,Royce Da 5’9


New joint of the mood muzik 4 dropping later this month this track has an All-Star cast as you can see. you be the judge on who had the best verse




Grinding All Night- Roccett, Rick Ross & Bun B


This a new joint from former CTE West member Roccett he is the first artist on Maybach Music West this track heat look out for his new mixtape on the way “America’s Nightmmare”

This a joint from him that came out this month “City I Know”

Here a

Get it on the Corner- Troy Ave

This a new banger by BK rapper Troy Ave this that hu$tle music. He just recently droped his new mixtape Bricks In My Backpack The Harry Powder Edition download it from onsmash also check his youtube page out  (troyavesb)

Link to mixtape——-> http://content.onsmash.com/archives/47311


Income- Push! Montana


This joint came out a few weeks ago from Black Flag Citys own & the Fre$h prince of NY himself Push wit a ! point at the end this is a song everyone can feel right here its of the Fre$hdope Album for more on push check out www.pushondemand.com

Speaking of Fre$h dope here is a classic Push song Freshdope  FREEEEESHHHH

Just another day at the office WTF


Have u ever been at work and just felt like u can’t take it anymore and the pressure is just starting to build up? You try to maintain control because you just got there and if you just make it to lunch time you’ll  be good after a smoke break. You sit down at your desk to log in but then this happens………


this is man having a moment of f#@k it! F#@k this office, f#@k this cubicle, and f#@k this motherf#@king computer, I’m out!

Forever- Boogz Boogetz


This is a new joint by #YRS boss Boogz Boogetz off Far Rockaways Most Wanted Mixtape dat droped today the beat is hard produced by Nano be sure to go cop that new mixtape LINK BELOW + Video Favorite Song Feat. Wiz Khalifa


BET Awards Cyphers


As bad as the BET awards were at least the cyphers was worth a listen if you missed it check them out

The G.O.O.D Music Family

Wiz Khalifa, Raekwon, Bones Brigante, Yelawolf

Busta Rhymes, Reek Da Villian, Zawcain, Mickey Factz

Royce Da 5’9, Tyga, Kuniva, Diamond

Ice Cube, OMG, Dough Boy, Rev. Run, JoJo, Diggy