NEW VIDEO: Sinner’s Prayer Freestyle- Bathgate

With the Sinner’s Prayer on the way Bathgate drops a Freestyle off his new mixtape. This is a deep freestyle look out for mixtape WILL BE OUT SOON.


Cormega In Studios Working on New Project

With a few projects in the works Cormega decided to upload some exclusive footage of him in the booth. I been following his music since dead man walking and he has never disappointed on any of his albums. Check it out and be on high alert for his new music also follow him on twitter @realcormega also check out for more

Throwback Joint Of The Week 20

This week I decided to go with some classic Big Pun. He was one of the most lyrical rappers to touch the microphone an this songs displays some of his skills. The Dream shatterer was off his debut album this is a remake of The Endangered Species album.

#Classic Back & Forth Freestyle- Dutch & Spade

This is a raw freestyle going back & forth by Dutch & Spade Philly’s own. The back & forth flow is one of the best I feel only few rappers can master it like Jada & Styles P for example. These dudes had flow an I still got songs from them around the crib. I hope too hear them again soon though #FreeSpade

Throwback Joint Of The Week 19

I havent done this in awhile but dont blame me blame my computer. This weeks throwback joint comes from Cocoa Brovaz & Mr. Cheecks this song was hard even the mario brothers would love it, here is super Brooklyn.

Parents Check This New Childrens Book Called “Go The Fuck To Sleep”

Wow this is to dam funny if your a parent an had to tell your kid go the fuck to sleep this is for you. This is a new children’s book titled “Go The Fuck To Sleep” by Adam Mansbach an narrated by Samuel L Jackson. This is a sample check it out an purchase this book so you can tell your kids to go the fuck to sleep.

NEW VIDEO: Hand Signs By Godilla, Adlib, Nine

Lyrical therapy at its finest right here. This song dropped about a month ago but I recently checked it out and had to support. Redphone Records debut project by Godilla titled battle beast it also will be on the Grimreaperz Ep Fuck You! The group consists of Godilla,Adlib & Nine some fans may remember him from his joint “What Chu Want” back in the day. The video is directed by Rap Forever.