Turning Over The Reigns

With the Denver Broncos looking to trade Orton it seems Tim Tebow moment has come. Given the starting position towards the end of last season management has placed faith in the young quarterback. Hoping to lead them back to solid playoff contention, and possibly championship aspirations a more realistic feat.

NEW VIDEO: Ya’ll Dont Hear Me Tho Freestyle- Meek Mill

This video is epic it might as well be a movie its directed by Dave Patten & filmed in 1080p HD great visuals of the city of Philadelphia. If you havent heard this freestyle already your probably not up on your music. Meek held it down on this beat #Dreamchasers will be out August 11th.

NEW SONG: Judy Clay- Sin City, Cees AG


Here is a new joint from my guy Sin City from his upcoming mixtape he has been leaking alot songs lately through his Sound Cloud So if you have one check him out there & Reverb Nation. Im a fan of his music he is lyrical & alway has a point he is making instead of following other people that’s why he was apart of the W.2M.Z 2011 Showcase. The beat was produced by Cees AG. Mixtape on the way. Click the picture above for D/L link.

NEW SONG: Football’s Back- El Chain

Finally after 100+ days stranded on lockout FOOTBALL’s back this is something everyone is happy about. It wouldn’t be right without an anthem to celebrate i was waiting for someone to make this song & El Chains Killa Shame, Rick Chainy & Phaze Wun did it. Tell everyone football back lets celebrate. Go Jets!


This is Vado’s BBall anthem of the summer. Team Nike player’s Adris “2 Hard 2 Guard” Deleon & Quinton “T2 Hosley living the song lyrics. They have been dominating opponents all summer so far. This is a good video with the right song & the right Slime!!!

New Joint Of The Week : Middle Of The Summer- Meek Mill, Mel Love

Meek Mill is back with a new joint entitled ” Middle Of The Summer” it came out at a good time for the title.The song features Mel Love.Click the Picture to D/L MMG going hard right now.

Producer On The Rise: D Rich Part 2


             This is for all the rappers Producer Douglas Richardson has recently dropped a collection of FREE beats on DatPiff  click the pic above to D/L it.  All his contact info is available to reach him for beats so take advantage. Below is a few beats he produced & a song produced by him for Cali artist Sirelz

1st Time Flying – Sirelz Produced By Douglas Richardson


From the birth of hip hop the most lyrical emcees have always been known to be born on the East coast. The West coast was more known for gangsta music & party music. They havent been on top since 2pac  but managed  to survive the south’s reign on top as well. In the last 10 years it seems that things have changed drastically. The West has stepped their game up to another level & have been producing a lot of lyrical rappers these days such as Kendrick Lamar, Crooked I, Dom Kennedy, Fashawn to name a few. When we look at the East now its still all bout being Fresh dressed, how much drugs you deal & how gangsta you are.These days everyone is pretty much saying & doing the same thing that’s already been done.

Where are all the new lyricists at? Outside of Fabolous & vets like Raekwon & Jadakiss nobody new is delivering consistently besides Vado & A Mafia. Now dont get me wrong there are a few other nice East caost rappers like Joe Buddens & Joel Ortiz but there not NEW. How did we go from the most creative Coast in hip hop to just being lost in the past & complaining that hip hop is dead. During that time the south & west & Mid West have got more lyrical changed their formula and it seems to be working. In my opinion the west will rise to the top again before the East because they are putting a variety of music out, not the same product with a different face & the unity is strong in all coasts but the East. The East coast has a lot a fake love one minute they cool the next there not.

The East has so many artists but a lot of them never actually drop albums & the labels are not promoting them as much. Some prime examples Red Cafe & Jae Millz in the past they both have had so many singles with videos & still no album. In closing Step ya game up East coast rappers because you’re not the only one’s with lyrical content these days.

NEW VIDEO: Live Nigga Rap- Push! Montana & Count

Here is one for the gangsters. Push links up with 1/2 of the L.E.P Bogus Boys for a street banger the song dropped last week & this week we get the video. #whenpushcomes2shove2 on the way. The video was shot by Blow Hip Hop Tv.

Really Don’t Have it All


          For all children that grows up emulating professional athlete’s today want to achieve that success one day. Not all kids are afforded the same upbringing lifestyle as others. Some childhoods are one parent households, poverty-stricken, violent neighborhoods, gangs, etc. Every person has grown up with an adversity sometime in life that made them live with the good and bad decisions. For the kids that make it out there adverse situations, and placed into a collegiate atmosphere is the stepping stone to where most dreams are made true. Over the past years, speculation of receiving improper benefits as a college athlete has been a hot topic. Some of the biggest names in the scandals were Reggie Bush, O.J. Mayo, Cam Newton, Chris Webber, and now Terrelle Pryor.

Pryor forgoes his senior season at Ohio State University to enter the supplemental draft. What he left behind was a five game suspension, firing of former head coach Jim Tressel, Heisman trophy hopes, and beloved fans that cheered for him.  When this story first broke it all was speculation until a former friend of Pryor verified exactly what was going on. “He said Pryor was paid $500 to $1,000 each time he signed mini football helmets and other gear for a Columbus businessman and freelance photographer, Dennis Talbott.”

Pryor and other teammates sold championship rings, jerseys and awards. They also received improper benefits from the tattoo parlor and its owner. He even sold a sportsmanship award from the 2008 Fiesta Bowl along with his 2008 Big Ten championship ring. More shockingly to Ohio State fans, he sold a “gold pants” trinket an iconic charm given to players who are a part of a victory over archrival Michigan. His teammates also sold Big Ten championship rings the Buckeyes have won the last six conference titles plus football jerseys, pants and shoes. Gene Smith, Athletic Director said, “The time this occurred with these young men was a very tough time in our society. It’s one of the toughest economic environments in our history,” said Smith. “The decisions that they made were to help their families.”

For all the money that the NCAA profits on a yearly basis of college football is an uprising business with unlimited potential in years to come. The nation’s best athletes are out on display from September to mid February.  For these players to receive these benefits all stem from reasons that maybe no business to the worldwide media. One day these blessed athletes will be showcased on the highest level one day. They will live a better lifestyle to provide for their families. A full ride to college is great, but doesn’t satisfy all the needs of college students. These top recruits that come, and generate money for the school aren’t allowed to profit off of themselves is absurd. It’s like going to work, and at the end of the week you’re expecting a paycheck instead you receive handshake. No one likes not feeling compensated for the effort they put into their job. Football is their job!

As Pryor prepares for the NFL he leaves numerous swirling questions if he can even be an elite quarterback. Can throw all the passes? Read the defense? Will he rely on his feet more than his arm? What team will take a chance on him? Guess we will have to wait and see!


NEW SONG: Live Pro Remix- A Mafia, JR Writer, 2Chainz


The hardest worker in the game A who A Mafia is back with a new joint for the block to bump. This a banger turn it up & D/L link below. New mixtape on the way & album.


First Song in the New joint of the week section its only right its fire Let it Burn. Vado is the most consistent & lyrical new rapper coming out of NY these days in my opinion he got next SLIME!!!! U.N Click the pic to D/L song

Great Expectations for Kyrie Irving!

By Ocho_Wavvy8

Now that Kyrie Irving, is the No.1 overall pick of the Cleveland Cavaliers, in the 2011 Draft he has a lot of work ahead of him. The Cavs haven’t had a losing season since drafting (previously first overall) LeBron James in the 2003 Draft. The performance that displayed on the court wasn’t that same fun and joyful atmosphere, Cav fans were accustom to for the past few seasons. They were a bottom basement team that was forced into rebuilding mode. Due to the departure of “hometown hero” LeBron James took his talents to South Beach alongside Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh.  James hasn’t been appreciated by America ever since, but most critics feel he brought it amongst himself.

 There is new star coming to take Cleveland towards championship hopes. In his freshman season, Irving was the highest publicized best player. Even though he played 11 games his stock remained high as the best player in collegiate basketball player, even though Jimmer Fredette captured a following this past dream season at Brigham Young University (BYU). Irving came back in the NCAA tournament to help his team repeat as champs, but they were beat handily by the Arizona Wildcats lead by No.2 overall pick Derrick Williams. For all the things the Cavs fans went through having the No.1 overall pick was finally something to smile about. Team President, Dan Gilbert and management will have to build a competitive team around Irving to take them back to the playoffs and further. During his career he will be in the shadow of LeBron by the fans wanting him to outdo him in every way possible. LeBron basically left a blueprint on how to make Cleveland relevant, and with Irving he can do the same, but he has to do it his way. To all Cavs fans just realize that he isn’t LeBron in any way he’s a bonified point guard with a mix of Chris Paul and Russell Westbrook. He’s a pass first guard with a sweet outside to mid range shot and high free throw percentage from the strike that will get better as his career progresses. With areas to improve in are assists and rebounding.  So when the NBA Lockout ends we’ll see what he showcases.

Kyrie Irving; Cavs; Duke

C’Mon Man!

Really though? Why? As well as others come to mind when you heard what James Harrison said in the Men’s Health Journal article. He made attacking comments at NFL Commissioner Rodger Goodell which didn’t seem strange to most, but when he went off on a tirade about his teammates that turned some heads. He called Goodell a crook! Claimed Ben Roethlisberger isn’t Peyton Manning he just gets paid like him. He said Rashard Mendenhall is a fumble machine. Now if he was quoted on saying this after his Super Bowl hangover the critics may give him a pass, but that was six months ago. With the NFL Lockout nearing its end by strong remarks of elite players as Brady, Manning, and Brees it seems that Harrison may have talked his way out of Pittsburgh. There are some teammates that decided to share what they think of Harrison.

James Farrior said, “Listen, we thought the dude was straight crazy. We thought the guy had severe emotional problems, “The Dan Patrick Show” on Thursday. “And I’m not sure James has amended his opinion of Mr. Harrison, but he loves him, and so does everybody on that defense. They love this guy to pieces.

Lawrence Timmons said, “James is a guy that’s misunderstood.  A lot of people think he’s a bad person, but he just sometimes says some things that he shouldn’t. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t feel this way he probably just got kind of mixed up with his words. But he’s a great guy. James Harrison’s shots didn’t stop with his criticism of teammates, as he described Houston Chronicle. He mentioned Hous-

ton Texans linebacker Brian Cushing as “juiced out of his mind.”Cushing’s agent, Drew Rosenhaus, didn’t hold back!

“I thought (James Harrison’s) comments were way out of line,” Rosenhaus told WQAM-AM in Miami on Thursday. “He doesn’t know the first thing about Brian Cushing or Brian Cushing’s situation. And to me, that’s an awful thing to do to talk about people who you don’t know, and that you don’t know the first thing about them or their situation.

Is it safe to say his days are numbered in Pittsburgh? He was claimed unteachable in the beginning of his career while on the Baltimore Ravens roster. So with this current tirade of Harrison we’ll see how his career plays out.

Wiz Khalifa – Black And Yellow (Dirty)

NEW MUSIC: Talking Bout- Reed Dollaz

With Philly buzzing hard right now Reed Dollaz has took advantage an released a new joint to let you know what he talking bout. I hope he has more new music on the way because there is a lot of hungry rappers out representing Philly & the best thing to do is keep the music flowing. Make sure you follow him on Twitter @realreeddollaz for more info on his music.

Throwback Joint Of The Week 22

im glad to see all these guys back together unity in hip hop is a great thing. I was always a big state Property fan and will be on the lookout for the new album. In the meantime enjoy this classic video from their second album along with a NEW Cosmic Kev Freestyle.



                         I been in love with Hip Hop growing up from a young age back in the early 1990’s late 80’s. From the beginning it was about rebelling and standing out for what you prime examples Public Enemy spoke on confrontational topics & N.W.A rocked the black fitted and shades. The Hip Hop community always played a major role in the fashion market from Roc-A-Fella to Fabolous making the world go throwback jersey crazy. Over the years it seems a lot of this creativity has gone away. Instead of trying to be the first YOU everyone is trying to be the next man taking their style An trying too perfect it. At one point Max B was the only rapper that could also sing then Drake came mastered that now everyone trying to rap & sing an out do him, instead of making their own lane. It’s sad because the record labels are scared to put out good music so they look at who is hot an tell the artist to be them. Now Hip Hop went from gangsta to tight jeans an weirdos. The crowd they trying to appeal to is the weirdos prime examples Nikki Minaj with her alter egos an wigs & Wiz Khalifa putting blonde spot in his hair. Those are just a few I could keep going but I wont. I just wanna know where are individuals in the game these days? No creativity don’t get me wrong right now there is a lot of good music out but I don’t like this following what the next man does. We went from originality to just trends. Lex Luger was a big trend for a moment everyone wanted his beats because Rick Ross an Waka Flocka made them hot. There are a lot of producers out go find one and get your own sound that’s the best bet. At the end of the day this music won’t last long if we got a bunch of followers In conclusion remember that trends come & go.