I been in love with Hip Hop growing up from a young age back in the early 1990’s late 80’s. From the beginning it was about rebelling and standing out for what you prime examples Public Enemy spoke on confrontational topics & N.W.A rocked the black fitted and shades. The Hip Hop community always played a major role in the fashion market from Roc-A-Fella to Fabolous making the world go throwback jersey crazy. Over the years it seems a lot of this creativity has gone away. Instead of trying to be the first YOU everyone is trying to be the next man taking their style An trying too perfect it. At one point Max B was the only rapper that could also sing then Drake came mastered that now everyone trying to rap & sing an out do him, instead of making their own lane. It’s sad because the record labels are scared to put out good music so they look at who is hot an tell the artist to be them. Now Hip Hop went from gangsta to tight jeans an weirdos. The crowd they trying to appeal to is the weirdos prime examples Nikki Minaj with her alter egos an wigs & Wiz Khalifa putting blonde spot in his hair. Those are just a few I could keep going but I wont. I just wanna know where are individuals in the game these days? No creativity don’t get me wrong right now there is a lot of good music out but I don’t like this following what the next man does. We went from originality to just trends. Lex Luger was a big trend for a moment everyone wanted his beats because Rick Ross an Waka Flocka made them hot. There are a lot of producers out go find one and get your own sound that’s the best bet. At the end of the day this music won’t last long if we got a bunch of followers In conclusion remember that trends come & go.

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