Video: Blow Part 2 – @arab_tgop & @Obh_Darklo #MudMusiK #Lifeofacrook2 #W2TM

Mixtape Review: Slime Flu 3 #W2TM

Harlem rapper & most hated artist Vado just recently dropped the 3rd long awaited installment to slime Flu. The mixtape starts off with a hard beat an rhymes but by the time you reach track 5 and 6 it starts to get shaky. Vado has a terrible ear for beats an some of his choruses are just flat out horrible like the reggae one saying kill em wit the culture.. Outside of the weak hooks & average beats this mixtape was ok he spits some hard flows throughout so check it out. This tape is not something you can put on and let it play through.In my opinion Slime Flu 1 & 2 was by far better. I give it a 2 out of 5 rating
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Mixtape: Chapter 2 (The World Through My Eyes) – @Ez_Musik #Chapter2 #W2TM

This dropped a few months ago but now is available for online download click the pic 2 D/L. Overall this is a good mixtape definitely worth checking out  EZ got bars this starts off hard & doesnt dissapoint a lot of original production & good songs. You can listen below and preview it.


New Mixtape: God Will’N D/L & Review By OchoWavvy8 – Juelz Santana #W2TM

I’m convinced as possibly most of you are we’re most likely never going to hear another DipSet compilation album. That get back together reunion was nice gave us fans from back to the unstoppable ROC movement days hope. That’s over lol Juelz finally drops some new music but has he lost that core base that used to rock with him heavy. Since Cam has released the reins on him it’s pretty evident he will fall into the French Montana collab with everyone syndrome. If that “I Can’t Feel My Face” album happend with Wayne who knows how things would be Juelz could be more relevant today and Wayne might have not fell off the deep end. Check this out let us know what you think? Click the link above 2 listen.


New Mixtape- Freebie Ep- @Chev_Robinson #DyshLife #W2TM


Here is some recent work From the artist formally know as “The Infamous Swagg” this is a free tape he just threw out his new mixtape will be out in the next few months but enjoy this Click the pic for D/L Link

Normal Sin

Chev Robinson – Normal Sin – HotNewHipHop



Survivor Mentality

Chev Robinson – Survivor Mentality – HotNewHipHop

Troubleman: Heavy is the Head #W2TM


Tip comes back from recent stints in the pen to end of the year with a long awaited album. He delivers the versatility of songs for all to enjoy that ratchet, smoothness, and story telling. He claims this to be his best work and admits 3 Stacks got the best the best of him on his own song “Sorry.”