We ALL need to teach children to not terrorize schools #wt2m

being that it’s nearly the 15 year anniversary of the Columbine school shootings it got me thinking about all that stuff. It’s like a current issue too. Ever since that happened, almost 15 years ago, the problem of School Shooting-culture has grown immensely. some people still try to deny the existence of a School Shooting culture, but they are deluded. it’s very clear that on today’s college campuses people are living in daily fear, being part of a society that normalizes shooting up schools.

i’m not going to harp on what’s wrong with regulations and why people in positions of power are horrible for not doing more to change things, but just provide a few statements on the subject that you can take or leave as you please.

  • kids aren’t taught to not shoot up schools.
  • boys/girls think they have the right to grab a gun and shoot up a school whenever they want to.
  • Policemen are way too investigative and ask too many questions of witnesses rather than punishing the suspect immediately.
  • victims are blamed because they bullied the shooters.
  • many potential shooting preventers are shamed into not reporting a suspected upcoming school shootings.
  • school shootings are normalized and excused in pop culture and media.
  • shooting up schools is glamorized.
  • the definition of a school shooting is too narrow. it doesn’t have to be a semi-automatic rifle, if you use firecrackers or a nerf guns, it’s still a school shooting.
  • schools shootings are trivialized. “Boys will be boys”.
  • explicit school shooting jokes are allowed to be made by comedians.
  • we teach students to be careful rather than teach boys not to shoot up schools.
  • we still think school shootings are only being committed by psychotic and mentally unstable teenage boys, when everyday, normal men do it just as often.
  • we still think school shootings are preventable, something that puts blame to the victims.
  • we still don’t always consider our friends, sons and fathers as potential school shooters.
  • we try to prevent bullying as a precaution, something that puts blame on the victims.
  • tasteless jokes such as, “Your room is a mess, it looks like Columbine in there” is common jargon among boys.
  • we still think school shootings are rare events, the result of mental instability or evil, rather than the result of a School Shooting culture that teaches boys that it is okay to shoot up schools.

much akin to ‘Rape Culture,’ School-Shooting culture is a factual issue that needs as much help as possible to spread to those who may not be educated on the subject so it may be properly ended.


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