F*ck Reality (by @DMND_XCIV) #w2tm

What you perceive as the “reality” of your life is an illusion. It’s a holographic projection of a culmination of your past experiences. It’s what you think life looks like based on what you have learned in your past.”

that may sound like an early quotable pulled from the first Matrix movie but the sooner you realize this the better.

think of all the shit you avoid based on a “reality” you’ve construed in your mind. a relationship. a new job path. a chance to travel. a friendship. an adventure. you end up avoiding the truly good pleasures of life because “the reality of the situation” is that you’ve already decided in your mind, based on your past experiences and influences, that you know the trajectory of whatever opportunity you have in front of you. you’ve seen divorce throughout your family history, so what you perceive to be the “reality” is that relationships never last. you’ve seen your friends try to make it as a graphic designer on their own, but the “reality” is that there’s not really any money in it(initially). you want to travel the world, but the “reality” is that you don’t have money now and think you won’t ever have the money or you’re not “one of those people” who travel. good news is that whatever reality you subscribe to, that’s the reality you will see. but think about this: if you’re already good at constructing the reality you don’t want, think about how good you could be at constructing the reality you actually fucking want.

yes, you may not be able to alter your beliefs or deconstruct your reality over night, but you certainly can begin at some point today

your reality is exactly what you make it. once you change your perception of your reality and change your beliefs, you start wanting different things, different people, careers, friends. whether those things are good for you you must figure out on your own but nothing’s as valuable as experience, especially one that’s tailored by you.

so start observing what thoughts you are taking as truth or what beliefs you are assuming are the “reality” of the world. be that curious person. get brave. ask questions. challenge what you think you know. and the world’ll be yours.



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