Listen & Purchase | A Dei 2 Kil [ Produced By ‪@Kil889 ‬] – ‪@haveagoodei ‬#W2TM

Commercial | Adidas “Calling All Creators” #W2TM

This is an awesome display of flexing by Adidas on this commercial. They have came along way to build up an awesome empire & giving Nike a run for they Money.

Commercial | Foot Locker Ben Simmon’s “It’s Real Now” #W2TM

New foot locker commercial pokes fun at the D’Angelo Russell incident his rookie year. Watch as future NBA star takes advice from last years rookies Karl Anthony Towns & Devin Booker.

Recap | Zach LaVine Dunk Contest 2015 Full Highlights #W2TM


If you missed the dunk contest watch this and you will catch up on all the important highlights from it. This kid was great reminded me of Gerald Green hops wise an Vince Carter skill wise hopefully next year he gets some competition.

Blog | Adam Silver Press Conference On Donald Sterling & Reactions #NBAp #W2TM Via @TeamMoet

Below is a few reactions to the Comments & punishment.