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NFL | SuperBowl 52 Champions “Philadelphia Eagles” #W2TM

Congratulations to the underdogs for pulling this win out. It took a long time for the Eagles to get that first Super Bowl win but it was well worth it. They came out ready to play awesome coaching by Doug Pederson keeping his foot on the gas all the way through. Nick Foles made himself a lot of money that’s for sure. The city of Philadelphia is going to erupt.

Commercial | Adidas “Calling All Creators” #W2TM

This is an awesome display of flexing by Adidas on this commercial. They have came along way to build up an awesome empire & giving Nike a run for they Money.

#NFL: What Richard Sherman Really Said To Crabtree #W2TM Via @TeamMoet

If you watched the NFC championship game you will remember the incident with Sherman & Crabtree. If you missed it I’m sure you have seen some of the media reports labeling Sherman as a Thug & even worse, but like everything else the truth must come to light. As you see above all he said was “Hell Of A Game” and Crabtree pushed him being salty and everyone assumed he was talking trash. I’m glad he was mic’d up so now we can see what really happened because the media isn’t going to report it. The on field interview is below as well.

Commercial: Trust The Power Within Derrick Coleman #NFL #W2TM Via @TeamMoet

This is a very powerful and inspirational commercial I happen to come across & wanted to share with everyone. No matter your situation you can do anything with work ethic & determination even with the issues Derrick had to go through he never gave up. Stay strong an never look down on others because they are not like you.

Mike Vick Cancels Book Signing

Weeks before Mike Vick was set to release his new autobiography book called “Finally Free” he’s received numerous deaths threats as of late which made the Eagles QB and his book signing crew have decided to cancel his store appearances. He originally planned to have book signings in Barnes & Nobles stores Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Atlanta.

In a phone interview, Vick’s spokesman Chris Shigas, said, “there’s been a recent uptick in some of the violent threats through social media, but also credible threats of violence that were phoned into bookstores, threatening Michael Vick, threatening his family, threatening the bookstore’s property, and threatening bookstore employees.” (CBS excerpt)

Ever since Vick came back from his dog fighting stint he’s still heavily hated and beloved by others. With all of the electrifying highlights he’s given us none were more shocking then the dog fighting investigation arose. With these current events that have take place over the past few weeks still shows those same Vick haters are out to get him.

High School Kicker Breaks NFL record

I came across this earlier and was amazed by what I read. This was originally reported by the Carson City Nevada Appeal. Carson High School kicker Austin pacheco drilled a 64-Yard field goal with 27 seconds left to beat Bishop Manogue High 27-24. His initial reaction was shocked but he new he would get a chance . His kick was deeper than any NFL kicker has made in a professional game. Raiders kicker Janikowski hit a 63-yarder earlier in the season to tie Jason Elam’s record. That kick was still a full yard shorter than Pacheco hit friday night.


Youth League Institutes TD Limit On 11-Year-Old

Usually we would celebrate great young athletes and their potential. But in Arkansas, one youth football league is instituting a dramatic rule to hold back its brightest star, all in an attempt to level the playing field for other competitors. 11-year-old Demias Jimerson has become so dominant at running back that the Wilson Intermediate Football League has reinstated a rule called the “Madre Hill rule.” The rule, named after former University of Arkansas star and Oakland Raider Madre Hill, bars him from scoring a touchdown if he has already scored three times and his team has the lead of 14 or more points.

Wale Makes A Visit To “Both Sides Of The Ball”

While Wale was on the ESPN campus last week filming the video to “Barry Sanders,” he made a visit to Mike Hill and Jay Harris for their Both Sides Of The Ball show. Where they discussed, Floyd Mayweather’s controversial bout with Victor Ortiz, Jim Brown, Venus Williams, and more.