Throwback Joint Of The Week: Now- Wiz Dinero ft. Black Rob


Throwback Joint Of The Week 24

I didn’t forget y’all with another classic for the week. This is the Geto Boyz Scarface Willie D & Bushwick Bill with my Mind Playing tricks on me. They released a lot of classics together & Scarface went on to have a good career.

Throwback Joint Of The Week 20

This week I decided to go with some classic Big Pun. He was one of the most lyrical rappers to touch the microphone an this songs displays some of his skills. The Dream shatterer was off his debut album this is a remake of The Endangered Species album.

Throwback Joint Of The Week 19

I havent done this in awhile but dont blame me blame my computer. This weeks throwback joint comes from Cocoa Brovaz & Mr. Cheecks this song was hard even the mario brothers would love it, here is super Brooklyn.

Throwback Joint Of The Week 18

This week’s joint of the day is from a legend an my favorite artist of all time Mr. Tupac Shakur this song is Pain of the “All Eyez On ” it features his camp the Outlawz this is definitely one of my favorite 2pac songs. Alot of people have tried remaking this beat but no one did it like 2pac.

Throwback Joint Of The Week 17

 Here is a banger from one of the best rap groups in the 90’s & off a hip classic album “Love Peace & Nappiness” the LB FAM was putting out hits for a minute. This is Beast From the East featuring Redman, A+,Canibus Enjoy this song an RIP Freaky Tah if you was here there’s no telling where this group would be.