News | CNN Brings 2018 In Colorado Style #W2TM

Wow is I can say last night watching CNN as they covered “New Years Eve” in Denver Colorado. Check out out


Video | @ZO2_ @FullerHouse Cameo #W2TM


Lonzo has already dropped a few songs, now he clearly wants to get into acting. How do y’all feel about Lonzo Ball’s appearance on Fuller House? 👍🏾 or 💩? Let us know!

Tv Show | Constantine Trailer #DcComics #NBC via @W2TM_Blog_Posts

Most of you may remember the movie with Keanu Reeves a few years ago now dc has teamed up with NBC to bring us a Tv series. This is great because we will get to see the character develop right in front of our eyes weekly, sort of like the Arrow series on The CW. Check it out enjoy it premiers Friday October 24 .

Preview: #Arrow Season 3 First Look #DCcomics #W2TM via @W2TM_Blog_Posts

If you haven’t watched this show yet I don’t know what you waiting for, log on to Netflix add It in your List. If your a comic fan you will like this, if your not you will still like it. DC comics

used real comic characters an put them on a tv series.

My response to the people who haven’t watched this show yet.