My Top 10 Favorite Rappers Of My Generation



10) DMX- He should be a lot higher but he just had a lot of setbacks. DMX made a lot of good music i hope he has another run because he helped change the game.

9) Raekwon- Smooth mobster flow he has stayed true to his roots. He is the best member in Wu-Tang clan

8.) Jay Z- I don’t care how many records he sold because when B.i.G & 2pac was running the game an Nas & Mobb Deep was going hard he was two albums in an irrelevant. Dont get me wrong he has put out Great music over the years but he didn’t have much competition outside of DMX at the time

7) Eminem- His record sales are untouchable with a flow so mean he kills everyone on tracks even his family.

6) Big Pun- He was Hannibal with a pen deady & killed everything that featured him. He put out to good music in the time he was with us.

5) Jadakiss- The most lyrical emcee in the game now hands done. As he said he hasn’t spit a wack verse since the 90s

4) Notorious B.I.G – He put nothing but classics that everyone could vibe to while he was live. And to this day a lot people feel he is the best of all time

3) Big L He was really the first rapper to put Harlem on Camron Mase Mcgruff made debuts on his album along with Jay-Z. He put out a lot good freestyles in short time.

2) Nas- Very creative probably the most crafty with song concepts Rewind,I gave you power prime examples

1) 2Pac – Great poet even better work ethic to many classics to name too much music to listen to

Some Artists that would make Top 20
Slick Rick


NEW MIXTPE D/L: Above The Cloudz- Red Cafe

The Chef Izzz R is back with the prequal  “Above The Cloudz” to his highly anticipated album. Red always delivers on his mixtapes this features a song he released last week big in the hood which can be previewed below click to D/L

FINAL THOUGHTS:  I was impressed with this mixtape for many reasons.The songs were mostly original beats an there was no DJ just music which made it more enjoyable.The mixtape starts hard from track one Red did a good job with the features on this mixtape make sure you click an D/L its worth it

14years later an its Still B.I.G Day


On March 9th 1997 we lost a very young & upcoming star in the music community “Notorious B.I.G” his music has touched various people of all ages an races its been 14 years & people still bump biggie and his music is very relevant. Lets take a moment of silence for his family & friends. In his memory there is 2 biggie songs below R.I.P

Freesyle at 17yrs old

WTF is wrong with G-Dep

Bad Boy artist G-Dep went into the NY Precinct over the weekend an confessed to a shooting back in 1993 little did he know the man he shot actually died & got an even bigger shook at the police station. He will be tried for the murder soon WTF was he thinking all dusted out. He did bring closure to the victim’s family tho ill give him that.