Check Out This 15 Year Old 6’7 270 Pound Point Center Ty’Rion Denson In The Web Series “The Journey” Via ‪@HoopJourneyHJ ‬#W2TM

Basketball | ‪@BigBallerBrand Presents :‬ JBA Season Opener Kicks Off June 21st 2018 Check Out ‪@MELOD1P ‬First Practice #W2TM

Sports | Lamelo, Liangelo & Lavar Ball Receive Prienu Vyautas Jerseys In Lithuania #W2TM

Check out the Ball brothers getting official uniforms for this upcoming season in Lithuania. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Big Baller Brand is out here making power moves. The season begins January 9th.

New Trailer | The Drew: No Excuse Just Produce Dir. By @Baron_Davis #W2TM

Former NBA All Star Baron Davis is producing a new documentary about Cali’s Drew League which is the nations foremost pro-am basketball league. The league has gained national recognition from stars like Lebron James, Kobe Bryant & Kevin Durant to name a few.

Blog: Mark Cuban on Education #W2TM Via @TeamMoet

I can’t add a darn thing to what Mark Cuban has said about SMU basketball other than to highlight the following quotes and relate them to the college’s broader educational and financial goals:

Treat Your Customers Like Gold (Even If You Call Them Students)

“You have to know who your ongoing season ticket holders are and respect and appreciate them. You can not do enough to reward them. It is hard to personally respond to 5k or more account holders, but it is something you have to work at. The greater the renewal rate the fewer the tickets you have to sell next year. Fans know when you care. You can’t fake it. It is hard work, but it has to be done. Know your customers and treat them like gold.”

If colleges better understood this, you wouldn’t be seeing such high freshman and sophomore attrition rates at so many schools. Yes, I know, it’s not sports. But some principles are universal. And, to those who rightly claim we shouldn’t coddle our students, it’s important to note, by suggesting we should be “treating them like gold” on the academic side, I’m not contending we keep them constantly entertained or pamper them. Rather, I’m suggesting we care about them as if they were are own children. If we did, we wouldn’t allow them to skate through and graduate unprepared, we wouldn’t offer useless courses and majors, we wouldn’t allow them to bury themselves under mountains of debt and we’d be damned sure alltheir teachers were competent.

Fill the Seats

“The sports industry is changing. TV is becoming a growing revenue source while ticket sales are a declining percentage of total revenues of TV sports. IMHO, it is far more important to know the price points that will enable you to fill the arena than to know the price points that will max out your total revenue. Why ? Because winning matters. It is important to have fans in the stands. They impact your winning percentage. And personally, I believe that winning increases long term profitability.”

Filling your beds at a residential college is an imperative IMHO. I can’t understand residential colleges that price themselves out of the market and have empty dorm beds. It’s no way to maximize revenue (those capital costs are sunk) and, more importantly, it’s no way to create positive momentum and an atmosphere of success. Once we learned the price points and got a top-notch person running enrollment, it was pretty easy filling the beds at the college I served because we wanted a full house and knew that some of our competitor schools were willing to lose enrollment. It was a mistake on their part to forfeit market share and allow negative momentum to take root on their campuses.

Don’t Choose Worthless Majors

“Everyone majors in sports marketing. There is no more worthless major.Every school seems to have a major in sports management . Why do the schools and kids think that across the tens of thousands of graduates from these programs there is going to be a job than even comes close to paying off their student loans. Do the math.”

Just because a school offers a major doesn’t mean it’s smart to select it. Colleges aren’t overly concerned with your future. They offer certain niche majors that students think they want, but most of the time it’s because the students don’t know any better.

Good Sales Persons Have Job Security

“Lets say there are 120 top pro teams. This article says there are about 12k sports marketing grads each year. The competition for jobs at pro teams is so brutal that we don’t have to pay much. Yet schools keep signing up kids. If schools want to have any value to sports teams they should offer degrees in Sales. Not sports sales. Just sales. Teach kids to sell and they can get jobs anywhere anytime. Teach kids sports management and you improve their chances of getting a job at Fridays.”

I’ve made this point earlier: if you know how to sell and are good at it, you’ll never be without a job. And if you have a good head on your shoulders, you’ll always have a good job.

Security Is Not Rooted in Tenure

It Comes From Doing Your Job Better Than Other People Do Theirs

“At the Mavs we value customer satisfaction and sales. We want you to have an amazing time at a game. We want our advertiser/sponsors to get amazing value from their Mavs partnerships. We want to have enough great salespeople to reach out and communicate all of the above. Every team can not have enough great salespeople.”

I used to preach at our college that everyone is an admissions and retention counselor. If everyone works together to ensure the customer’s (student’s) experience is top shelf (in the case of college, a great education and job readiness while having fun), then it’s an unstoppable combination. Unfortunately, the rhetoric notwithstanding, many people who work at our colleges think the college is primarily there for the faculty and staff and not the students. It shows. Look at their results (pathetic graduation rates and job-placement records and shameful lack in improvement in their students’ critical thinking abilities and communication skills).

Any college that does its job extremely well should be just fine (because many of their competitors aren’t doing theirs well). Stated differently, when you place your students first, you’ll create the most job security for yourself and the best working environment. Conversely, if you don’t have students, no amount of tenure will be enough to save jobs and no amount of tradition will assure long-term viability. Colleges that are closing or laying off faculty and staff primarily have themselves to blame. But, of course, they like to see themselves as victims. That mindset is a good part of the reason they’re failing.

But getting everyone to think and act like an admissions and retention counselor is no easy task.


New: Kevin Grow Kid With Down Syndrome Scores 14 Points Including ( 4 – 3Pointers ) In Under 2 minutes #W2TM Via @TeamMoet

This story right here is heartfelt I love reading about inspirational stories like this. As a parent of a child with downs I know how hard each and everyone of them work to do the basic things we take for granted. The best part about this video is the support behind him everyone in the community is cheering him on. Coach Mullins has Grow practice 3 Pointers everyday and the Owls dont end practice until he hit’s a free throw.

Former Laker Javaris Crittenton Charged With Murder


Former NBA player Javaris Crittenton is currently wanted for murder. He has been charged in the fatal shooting of 22-year-old Jullian Jones, a mother of four who was gunned down Aug. 19 on an Atlanta street. Crittenton allegedly killed Jones with shots fired from a dark-colored SUV, police said. Investigators don’t believe Jones was the intended target. Crittenton’s motive appeared to be retaliation for an April robbery in which Crittenton was a victim. He played 113 NBA games (including 22 with the Lakers in 2007-08), and was also a key piece in the trade to land Pau Gasol. Crittenton’s pro career was derailed by a gun-related incident involving Gilbert Arenas in the Wizards’ locker room during the 2009-10 season, leading to a lengthy suspension.

CBS The Eye On Basketball Elite 100

CBS recently released its top 5 to the its Eyes On Basketball Elite 100 list. Their goal was to create the best ranking of players based on total value, which consisted of everything from respect, status and upside to statistical production and intangibles. Three NBA bloggers ranked every player, then they took the averages to determine their rankings.

This list in my opinion is all screwed up, who the hell was responsible for the release of this list? After his finals performance I don’t think Lebron should be #1 on this list, heck I don’t think he should be above Dirk or Wade at this point. Kobe’s a little low for me but I am a Lakers fan so I’ll just accept the ‘hes aging argument’. Blake Griffin in the top 10 is just ludicrous, as well as putting Pau and Amar’e higher than Melo and Deron Williams. I also feel Deron is a better PG at this point his career than Russell Westbrook but an argument can be made for both. Kevin Love at 18!? Your joking right? Andrew Bynum got a very generous 25 considering his injury troubles and inconsistent play (did I say I was a Lakers fan? Lol). As the list goes on it gets worse with guys like Joakim Noah and Andre Iguodala making the top 30 be for players like: Rudy Gay, Danny Granger, and Gerald Wallace. Take a look at the top 40 let me know what you think. Heres the link to 41-100 on the list:

1. Lebron James SF Miami Heat
2. Dwight Howard C Orlando Magic
3. Dirk Nowitzki PF Dallas Mavericks
4. Dwyane Wade SG Miami Heat
5. Derrick Rose PG Chicago Bulls
6. Kobe Bryant SG Los Angeles Lakers
7. Kevin Durrant SF Oklahoma City Thunder
8. Chris Paul PG New Orleans Hornets
9. Pau Gasol PF Los Angeles Lakers
10. Blake Griffin PF Los Angeles Clippers
11. Amar’e Stoudemire PF New York Knicks
12. Zach Randolph PF Memphis Grizzlies
13. LaMarcus Aldridge PF Portland Trailblazers
14. Russell Westbrook PG Oklahoma City Thunder
15. Carmelo Anthony SF New York Knicks
16. Deron Williams PG New Jersey Nets
17. Tim Duncan PF San Antonio Spurs
18. Kevin Love PF Minnesota Timberwolves
19. Manu Ginobili SG San Antonio Spurs
20. Steve Nash PG Phoenix Suns
21. Kevin Garnett PF Boston Celtics
22. Rajon Rondo PG Boston Celtics
23. Chris Bosh PF Miami Heat
24. Al Horford C Atlanta Hawks
25. Andrew Bynum C Los Angeles Lakers
26. Nene Hilario C Denver Nuggets
27. Paul Pierce SF Boston Celtics
28. Tony Parker PG San Antonio Spurs
29. Joakim Noah C Chicago Bulls
30. Andre Iguodala SF Philadelphia 76ers
31. Marc Gasol C Memphis Grizzlies
32. Kevin Martin SG Houston Rockets
33. Lamar Odom PF Los Angeles Lakers
34. Tyson Chandler C Dallas Mavericks
35. Rudy Gay SF Memphis Grizzlies
36. Eric Gordon SG Los Angeles Clippers
37. Andrew Bogut C Milwaukee Bucks
38. Danny Granger SF Indiana Pacers
39. Monta Ellis SG Golden State Warriors
40. Gerald Wallace SF Portland Trailblazers

Other Notable Screw Ups

  • At 42 David West above guys like Joe Johnson (44), Josh Smith (45), James Harden (46), Luis Scola (48), Ray Allen (49), and Tyreke Evans (50)
  • At 62 Elton Brand above Brandon Jennings (66) and Devin Harris (72)
  • Danilo Gallinari is too high at 73 for me.
  • JJ Reddick at 96 above Ron Artest (97) and Brandon Roy (100)

Lebron gets dunked on in Taiwan

Lebron James was recently in Taiwan as part of his agreement with Nike. Somebody should have told him to bring his game and some effort on the trip with him. The video shows the Taiwanese player lunge and knock the ball away from James, leading to a dunk on the other end.

Trouble for The U

Reports are that The University of Miami football program has been implicated in an improper-benefits scandal allegedly involving dozens of players over much of the past decade. A former Miami booster, Nevin Shapiro (currently serving a 20 year prison sentence for masterminding a $930 million Ponzi scheme) told Yahoo Sports that he provide benefits to as much as 72 of the university’s football players and other athletes between 2002 and 2010. In the interview, Shapiro stated he gave money, cars, yacht trips, jewelry, televisions, and other gifts to a number of players. He also claims that then-Miami football and basketball coaches had full knowledge that he was braking NCAA rules. Shapiro said he once paid $10,000 to help secure the commitment of a basketball recruit, and that Frank Haith (then-Miami basketball coach) acknowledged the transaction in a conversation.

The NCAA is investigating the matter, which could lead to significant sanctions for the accomplished program. The University of Miami often refered to as ‘The U’, is known for being a football factory giving us players like: Jim Kelly, Warren Sapp, Sean Taylor, Jim Otto, Michael Irvin, Frank Gore, Ray Lewis, Devin Hester, Ed Reed, and Andre Johnson to name just a few. Miami has won five national titles since their program began in 1926, their last coming in 2001. But the program has struggled in recent years, it has also been found guilty of major violations on five occasions, most recently in 2003. This investigation could lead to the demise of a program that many of us witness dominate and produce hall of fame and pro bowl football players for most of the decade. With schools like USC and Ohio State currently on the hot seat, outsiders are beginning to notice the length at which these schools are willing to go to stay on top. Even if they have to break the rules of the NCAA.


This is Vado’s BBall anthem of the summer. Team Nike player’s Adris “2 Hard 2 Guard” Deleon & Quinton “T2 Hosley living the song lyrics. They have been dominating opponents all summer so far. This is a good video with the right song & the right Slime!!!