NEW MIXTAPE D/L: #Flyer Learning- Boogz Boogetz

Boogz is back with a new mixtape his follow-up too “Far Rockaways Most Wanted” it’s hosted by DJ Superstar Jay & DJ Woogie it features the singles Million Dollar Dreams, 4:20, It’s a body to name a few. The Video for Million Dollar Dreams is below Harry Fraud on the production.


NEW SONG: Million Dollar Plan- Boogz Boogetz

YR$ Stoner Boogz is back with his new single off his new mixtape #FlyerLearning which is due out September 27. The song is produced by Harry Fraud so you know the beat is fire.


On a recent show  in Canada rapper Boogz Boogetz shows us some of that fine Kush he enjoys over there and it sure looks amazing.  Everyone smokes but we don’t all smoke like this #stonerlife also check Boogz Boogetz mixtape Far Rockaways Most wanted its out now check my previous posts for the D/L links

Forever- Boogz Boogetz


This is a new joint by #YRS boss Boogz Boogetz off Far Rockaways Most Wanted Mixtape dat droped today the beat is hard produced by Nano be sure to go cop that new mixtape LINK BELOW + Video Favorite Song Feat. Wiz Khalifa