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Music | Favela Favorites [ Prod. ‪@hobgoblinbeats ‬] – Death At The Derby ( ‪@CousinFeo ‬x ‪@LordJuco ) #W2TM

Back again with the third installment to our monthly series dedicated to the deadliest football derbies worldwide. This go around lands us in Brazil for the renoun rivalry between football clubs Flamengo & Fluminese. This derby is a historic divide amongst the people that has seen countless bouts for well over a hundred years & shows no signs of peace or truce between them.


On a recent show  in Canada rapper Boogz Boogetz shows us some of that fine Kush he enjoys over there and it sure looks amazing.  Everyone smokes but we don’t all smoke like this #stonerlife also check Boogz Boogetz mixtape Far Rockaways Most wanted its out now check my previous posts for the D/L links