Master Yourself by @SLEEPTILLNOON #w2tm

Imagehowdy brehs,

i’ve been reading a lot of articles and excerpts on mastering oneself lately, as well as re-watching Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy(G.O.A.T). and between those to mediums i’ve surmised a couple quick little blurs about really owning ones-self. 

  • Listen to those moments of Clarity(no Zedd) when you stroll around your mind, you can lie to other people it’s whatever, but nothing’s worse than lying to yourself or placing your own shortcomings off on something else.


  • Learn not to act on childish whims. i have a different perspective on ‘maturity’ for another post BUT, only someone who KEEPS their head in the clouds lets words, what another person has or does, or their vices potentially derail their success.Image


  • Having a simple, unbreakable goal to achieve each day can subliminally embed in your mind that anything is doable.(I try to knock out at least 50 pushups everyday)


  • You need to have Reason. no matter what you wanna do you need to know in some form why you want to do it and if that reason is based purely on status or vanity then people’ll see right through you and expose you for the weenie you really are.


  • Finally, enjoying the habit of what you do is extremely paramount. no one creative or normal(my opinion) likes repetition so if you feel like what you think you like doing is becoming a chore just to be checked off you either gotta step away for a while and find your smile again like Shawn Michaels, or find ya next thrill.