New Video: Big Fendi Speak’s On Nikki Minaj & Gravy

Most real hip hop fans would remember “The Come Up” Dvds from back in the day’s. Big Fendi speaks on past relations with artists.


What Happened To…. File:2


               There are some rappers who really grind and you still never see them blow. The main reason being they cant get the exposure or support behind them, but when you have everything in your favor and still don’t blow there is no excuse for that. Do you remember Brooklyn, NY rapper Gravy out of the dirty money camp. He made his first major appearance on the violator debut compilation on a song called “Duck Down” at that time he was a member of the group Da Franchise which consisted of Gravy, Red Cafe & Fendi they all eventually went separate ways Gravy & Fendi went to form Dirty Money and the Come up Dvd series.

              Gravy got a lot of Mixtape buzz  in the early 2000’s mainly due to being in heavy rotation on the come up dvds. He worked with a lot of mainstream artists at the time and got a lot of Co signs from rappers in the game such as Jadakiss. He put out a mixtape called without a doubt/Ready 2 Die  which was a remake of the Jay-z Classic Reasonable Doubt & Ready 2 Die albums with his touch. In my opinion it was a good idea but the project was weak but he was putting so many mixtapes out at that time it didn’t matter.

              His downfall came once he started having beef with a lot of rappers and the streets were saying he lying about his lifestyle in his rhymes. He was shot in front of Hot97 radio station in NY a lot of people thought it was staged and he did it himself as a promotional stunt, he also had a run in with another rapper were he pissed on himself. Even with losing any cred he had and  his mixtape buzz disappearing  he still won the role to play Biggie in the movie Notorious. The movie did very well an he could have used that to evolve his fan base an promote his music instead he just rolled back up into a ball and went on a hiatus to blow the money and be another no name rapper. Dont get me wrong i wasnt a big fan of his music it was ok but with all the exposure he build up and a movie role he should have at least dropped one album but daammmmm Gravy what happened son?????????

Gravy Shot at Hot97

He goes off on this joint