New Video | Body Cam Shows Rookie Cop Refusing To Shoot Homicide Suspect #W2TM

This cop is one brave soul i was scared for him, as of late the police have been the aggressors but in this particular situation this rookie cop holds his cool longer than most could.


RIP #DreamChasers Artist Lil Snupe #RNIC #W2TM




Early this morning it’s believed that Meek Mill associate & Dream Chasers artist Lil Snupe was killed ruled a homicide. The details are still sketchy but it’s believed he was killed over a dice game by an older man who he was shown pictured playing Nba2K earlier with that night that are showing up in social media along with disturbing photos of a body believed to be Snupe. Meek has yet to speak on it his last message was “Tell Snupe 2 Hit me Up Right Now”  Below is a few highlights of Snupe’s for career “Melo” which is his first video, the 10k battle vs Desean Jackson’s artist Retro along with a song off his recently released “RNIC” My condolences to him & his family.




Dyckman Global Slam East Vs. West All-Star Game NBA Stars Make Appearance

Here is the All-Star game East Vs. West. Dyckman Park has ben on fire this summer everyone has been there. This game has guest appearances by Brandon Jennings, Demar DeRozen,The Game,2 Hard 2 Guard aka Adris Deleon going crazy on Jennings who needs the Nba to have talent.