New Video: RubyHornet Freestyle- Jon Connor

This is a short interview with another freestyle by Connor the people’s rapper enjoy Blue City Club (You Know)

Video: Jon Conner Takes Over Chicago

Experience a day in the life of Jon Connor as he does a show in Chicago followed by a radio interview & some in studio footage. Connor is by far the freshman stand out of 2011 if he doesn’t make the XXL Freshman list i will boycott the magazine because they have let a lot of trash cover their magazine so they should cover real talent.

W.2.M.Z Video Of The Week: All Around The World In A Day- Jon Connor

Season 2 will be here next week in the words of Bart Scott Cant Wait!!! This time Connor decided to do a joint for the ladies this is a decent song im feeling the beat. He definitely needs to be a XXL 2012 Freshman.