Commercial: Trust The Power Within Derrick Coleman #NFL #W2TM Via @TeamMoet

This is a very powerful and inspirational commercial I happen to come across & wanted to share with everyone. No matter your situation you can do anything with work ethic & determination even with the issues Derrick had to go through he never gave up. Stay strong an never look down on others because they are not like you.

BOOK: Maurice Clarett ( @ReeseClarett13 ) ” My Life My Story My Redemption ” #W2TM

This is a documentary of the trials an tribulations of Mo Clarett. This is inspiration to all of us. We all make mistakes but it’s about how we rise and grow from them. You can truly see Clarett has done a lot to change and become a better person. I have had the chance to have a few convos with him on twitter and learned a lot through them. I will be purchasing this book & i hope y’all do the same. Click the pic for site link to buy.

Wtf dummy of the week #nfl player arrested



Early Wednesday morning Chicago bears wide receiver Sam Hurd was taken into custody by homeland security officers. The complaint stated Hurd tried to set up a weekly arrangement with an undercover to purchase 5-10 kilos & 1,000 pounds of marijuana. He is also listed as one of the biggest drug dealers in the Chicago area it seems he wasn’t worried about his Playbook he was just worried about that comeback trying to get a quick flip smh. Nino lol

#NFL Bengals player arrested


In Nfl news the Cincinnati Bengals continued there trend of players getting into off field incidents. WR Jerome Simpson was arrested yesterday after police was tracking a suspicious package through the mail. The package led them to a condo mansion they eventually found out belonged to NFL player Simpson. The package contained 2.5 pounds of marijuanna & once they searched the home they found out 6 more pounds & drug paraphernalia. His teammate Anthony Collins was also involved. These guys are professional athletes getting paid better than the average Joe & do something like this smh cmon son as Ed Lover would say. Both players face prosecution from authorities & punishment from the league.