Preview Of The New Lebron #Sneakers Declare him a 2x Champ Already #NBAFinals #W2TM

With the heat down one game an facing elimination these Lebron’s decided to come out of nowhere before game 6 and declare him champ. Some may see this as motivation not me i see it as stupidity & free shoes for kids in Africa if they lose.





Suddenly these days the Foamposites are the most popular shoe everyone is talking about them or rocking them. Its like the new Air Force 1 trend. Y’all are wilding though paying 160 plus for these shoes like you balling. I never fell in that trend too each his own. The only foamposites I liked & owned was the Penny Hardaways back in the day originals always classic. The new Pine Tree foamposites drop shortly don’t waste ya check on them if u balling on a budget or juz gonna were them with a plain T because you got no more $ for an outfit.

Lebron gets dunked on in Taiwan

Lebron James was recently in Taiwan as part of his agreement with Nike. Somebody should have told him to bring his game and some effort on the trip with him. The video shows the Taiwanese player lunge and knock the ball away from James, leading to a dunk on the other end.