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Blog: One Of The Most Powerful Guns You Can buy #RightToBareArms #W2TM Via @TeamMoet

This video is for all the gun collectors, Call a Duty Players & curious people in general. You have the right to bare arms so its only right to know whats all available to you because options is a beautiful thing. The guy in the video Ronnie Barrett invented the .50 caliber Barrett M82 over 30 years ago. Ronnie now gives us the M107A1 which just happens to be legal in most states and still used by the military, law enforcement and civilians with in a higher tax bracket. Overall its worth checking out.

News: Reporter Fired For Saying He Would Fuck Missing Girl Right In The Pussy #W2TM via @teammoet

I don’t know why the video plays 3 times but the third time is the charm. This news report was obviously fired for this but it made for a good piece a comedy.

Hot Or Not- That’s right – B.I.C (Bitches Is Crazy #W2TM

check it out give a thugs up or a thumbs down in the poll.



Video Of The Week: My City (610 Remix)- E Z, Relly Rellz, E Mac, Tigga, JP, Tug McRaw & Mouse

Haven’t done a video of the week lately because nothin really caught my eye till this week. Check this all star remix out from E-Z be sure to check out his #rookieoftheyear EP