Video | Just Rap – Rock ( Heltah Skeltah ) #W2TM

Blog: APLUS Filmz Follows @IsaiahRashad “Cilvia Demo” #TDE #W2TM Via @TeamMoet

New TDE artist Isaiah Rashad talks about his first video & the process off making his demo “Cilvia”

Cilvia is available on iTunes

Book: “The Independent Music Grind” Part 1 By @UrbanThreshold Is Out Now #Hiphop #W2TM


The “Independent Music Grind” By Jesse Atkinson is a step by step guide to success for independent music artists and producers coming up today. The book discusses in detail about how independent artists and producers can monetize their music movement and start making money now. It’s available for download at or click the picture above for the direct link.