Album Review: Sin City’s Upcoming Mixtape “Recession Proof” & Tracklist

Last night i had a chance to check out Sin City’s new mixtape “Recession Proof” which drops December 19th right before Christmas. The mixtape can be found on a lot of blogs such as here, Datpiff, to name a few. This mixtape was a long time coming but overall i think Sin did a good job putting this together. He delivers a lot of witty wordplay as usual an his song concepts are there as you can see in songs like Rules. I think overall this is a 7 out of 10.  It would have been better with fewer features because Sin holds his own very well. Make sure you D/L #recessionproof DEc.19 here is a preview below is a song of the mixtape.



NEW SONG: We Goin Get This $ Remix- Sin City

My guy @sincitygoard emailed me this song not sure if it will be on his new mixtpae but check it out. He has a mixtape due out soon look out for that and check his songs available on our site..

NEW MIXTAPE D/L & Review : Haze & Henny- Sin City & Mindz

This right here is the mixtape before Sin City drops his new joint. this features 10 songs good production some nice beats. Sin City & Mindz is a good combination both hold their own on this mixtape. In my review i give this a 5 out of 5 i had no complaints and enjoyed this mixtape it wasnt to long it wasnt to short just enough material. Click the picture to D/L below i put 2 songs to preview for y’all enjoy.

That’s Life

Hater Face

NEW SONG: Judy Clay- Sin City, Cees AG


Here is a new joint from my guy Sin City from his upcoming mixtape he has been leaking alot songs lately through his Sound Cloud So if you have one check him out there & Reverb Nation. Im a fan of his music he is lyrical & alway has a point he is making instead of following other people that’s why he was apart of the W.2M.Z 2011 Showcase. The beat was produced by Cees AG. Mixtape on the way. Click the picture above for D/L link.

W.2.M.Z 2011 Showcase: Sin City


                       Sin is an Up & Coming rapper from Concord, New Hamphire Trying to put his state on the map with his music. He has been recording since 2005 he dropped his first mixtape in late 2010 “The Takeover” which has 2400+ Downloads currently. Right now he is hard at work on his new mixtape “Recession Proof” & sent over a few tracks to get us ready. Also be sure to check his mixtape the link is below.


Straight Drop Freestyle

The Takeover Mixtape Click 2 D/L


Be sure to check his REVERb NATION:!